Mesotherapy is an intelligent combination of neural therapy, acupuncture and medication therapy.
It has been applied in France for 50 years and taught at the medical colleges.
The credo of Dr. Michel Pistor, the founder of mesotherapy, is:
“Little. Rarely. In the right place.”
In a special injection technique with specially cut extremely thin needles, mixtures of medication are injected underneath the skin.
Through this special treatment method, numerous conditions can be treated.
Aesthetic medicine only represents a small part of mesotherapy.
Here mesotherapy has proven itself, especially with the treatment of hair loss, cellulitis and with skin regeneration (mesolift, mesoglow) in the face as well as on the neck, the cleavage and hands.
Without surgical intervention, through the more intensive circulation of blood and lymphatic circulation, tissue purification, the degradation of fat and stimulation of the collagen regeneration is reached in a gentle manner with astonishing effects.